Friday, November 20, 2009

tourist guide

well hello...
today i'm so tired but happy..hehe...because i had being a tourist guide from 17-21st november...on the 17th november...student from uitm penang and perlis...JPK and MPP have trip to uitm sarawak here..we all are really2 glad and very most welcoming to see u all guys..and i really2 enjoyed hanging out with u all..that was my first time i had being tourist guide...really2 enjoy and happy...we went so many places in kuching..well the best part was i've been the famous place in kuching, kilang kek lapis dayang it right??..haha...i dont know the existence of that place and i never been there before..nevermind...then, we went to waterfront, naik penambang, makan kt benteng satok, pergi unimas, muzium sarawak, muzium tun abdul razak, muzium seni, and so on....saya sangat2 gembira and suka berjalan2 dengan student uitm penang..

and today, we went to sarawak cultural village...that was my 3rd time i went there...for 3rd time..baru lah i felt very enjoy..haha...because before this i went there, for me it's nothing and worthless..finally, i enjoyed went there..yippiii. x rugi RM15...haha...we had captured so many pictures..but all of it not at me right now..later,i mintak lah...oh yeah, around 3.00 p.m we went to the spring...we had spent there almost 3 hours and 30 and salmi got nothing to do and we just sitting there lepakking and looking around and cuci mata...haha..after that, we all went to warong 2000...makan makan...

then, after makan makan me and salmi going back home...that was my last day to spending time with them..tomorrow,they will be coming back to penang and perlis..before that, they all will be going to serikin...and i'm not going because my mum didn't allowed me to join's ok..for me sepanjang 3 hari..was very very fun and enjoy and satisfied...i hope i will meet them again someday..maybe we will be keep in touch in facebook or what..last but not least, i'm so so so happy...gonna miss u all guys especially uitm penang...muahhhhhh...lots of love from me..<3


  1. like this post..hehe..

    last paragraph barisan 2, adakah 'there' sepatutnya adalah 'they'?

  2. fafa!!
    mek t'delete semua pics!!

  3. hehe..
    kak cmah mek rasa they lah...
    bkn there..haha kesalahan tatabahasa di situ...

    salmi ohh tidakkkkk...
    cmne leh terdelete??..
    ktk tok bena nak kah x??..

  4. menaaaaaaakahhhh???..
    amat sukar utk dipercayai..