Tuesday, September 1, 2009

oh oh oh...

*this is my first september entry*
*today around 7.00 a.m..i'm going back to uitm*
*..also 11th days of fasting month*
*..18 days left before hari raya..yippi*
* i have one assignment to submit this week*
* this week gonna be a short week..haha*
* i have new movie and new video*
*right now i'm supposed to do my assignment but to many annoyance*
*arghhhh can't focus to do assignmnet anymore*
*..tonight i want to eat and drink a lot..hehe*
*..jom jom we minum and makan banyak2 sampai kenyang*
*..stupid statement..haha*
*i think i need to go now..i want to continue to do my work*
*dadadada...bye2 and goodnight!!*


  1. heheheh..kirim slam ngn naz lak aa..
    x lamak gk nak raya! ;)

  2. siti duhal..
    xlah mek perasan ktk ada blog..hehe..
    okei dokie..lak mek smpaikan slm ktk kt nya..hehe

  3. hey3...mek nang xmk org tauk lak mek da blog ;p