Friday, August 28, 2009

wayar lemon

why lately my internet at home sosososo slow??..
not even slow but lembap nak mampus...*sigh*
GAI DAMN SHIT and the F word jak..hahaha...
rasa nak tikam batu or ketuk berkali-kali..
i want to install limewire but i afraid that
all my lovely song will gone just like that..
my previous limewire is outdated and expired..
and has been no longer used..
limewire basic 5.3.0 beta is the latest version..
mine is limewire 4.18.8...yang ini sudah lapuk!!..
harus dipupuskan...salah, didelete...oh tidak...
no way...i wont delete it..its keep 1086 list of song..
not included others my music folder..
never mind..i will ask my brother to install the latest version of limewire for me...
haha..ok i'm currently listening raya song..semangat dah nak raya...ngeeee


  1. ehe,,
    lom nya tok!!!
    posa lom abs gk aie....hehe

  2. hehe...
    setimah ngegeh..aok x lmk gik abis posa..n raya yeye..raya dtg umah kmk k.