Friday, August 7, 2009

end of the fourth week

fourth the presentation week...i'm the second presenter and i'm done with it...syukur alhamdulillah...hehe...i had received a lil bit comment from my lecturer..but so far it was good..yeahhh..the history of record management is very useful and i like it..really proud of it..x rugi aku carik..when i was doing my presentation..i think it was horrible and terrible and bubble also..haha..i was quiet nervous and my pronunciation..BAD!!..haha i knew it...because i'm wearing braces and that's why it is very hard me to pronoun some difficult is end of the fourth week now..assignment getting more harder and so many..but i do love the weekend..yahooooo...i can sleep and online 24 as a conclusion..weekend is the best time to i right??..ok chill out!!..

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