Thursday, July 23, 2009

wednesday is unlucky day

oh i hate yesterday and yesterday is my unlucky day..the reason why is because i'm the first people who will be present for assignment 254..record management..the tittle is about history of record management...matiiilah aku!!..why must me??..why miss chose me first??..arghhhhhhh...i really2 dont know how to do this assignment and find the information about the history...i'm blur,tension,empty and scared...okeyh at first,i thought it is very easy to find the history but i'm totally wrong about it..this assignment need to have atleast contain 5 pages..all in essay...then,submit next week..on wednesday...i only have 5 days more to go..oh kawan-kawan ku yg disayangi sekalian..i really2 need your help...can u guys help me??..

others reason is because..i got fever,cough again and is twice i got fever for this month...wowwwww!!..yesterday,i went back mum picked me around 8.15 like that..then,we went straight to said that my temperature is normal and not so high..i'm so scared because i'm having almost all the symptoms of H1N1..such as fever,headache,cough,ada rasa nak muntah2..akan tetapinya... i'm very lucky because i'm not suspected..fuhhh..oh yeah i got MC(medical certificate) for today class...i also have so many medicine to take and need to finish it all especially ubat antibiotik...

to my roomate..thanx ah..mun ktk org x check demam kmk marek..xlah kmk terpikir mok balit umah kowh..nasib bait ada tak org..thank you for being u all!!..
okeyh i will stop writing to go..


  1. sama2 zana...luv u 2..
    mesti care ngan rumate bh

  2. hehe..
    ok..yalah gunanya roomate oh..
    caring is loving..hehe

  3., zana..ktk mesti layan joker dgn baik2 memandangkan nya jaga ktk dgn baik sekali.. :P

  4. yeahhh baiklah..
    ehehe...penguin kenak lah jaga diri sendiri juak..kahkah