Friday, June 19, 2009

goodbye holiday...

i will be coming back to uitm this Sunday..and uitm here i come..huhu...malas nya...i'm still in holiday mood..oh i will miss my everyday routine..which is online 24 hours..friendster,facebook,myspace,ym and blogging..makan in the middle of night..supper lah kira...sleep and wake up uitm i can't do these kind of thingy is different a lot...uitm pun connection quiet slow and lembap..and sometimes i can't even online there especially in my suck..oh yeah at uitm also i jadi budak baik...haha..i need to force myself to wake up early everyday...memandang kan i terpilih jd,kemungkinan sik tido kali..haiyaa..oh never's ok..because that is PM task..PM jaga freshie..hehe..i haven't pack my stuff yet...later lah..i'm so lazy right now...besides, i don't know what stuff that i need to bring for this coming couple of week??..ermm sigh...ok move to others topic..erk..i don't know what to write dah..i have lost of idea now..about 30 minutes ago,my house..was was really2 makes me scared..i thought it cause kejutan elektrik kah or what..fuhhh..nasib bkn..oh ya..i want to wish congratz to all my friend yang lepasan stpm dapat offer from university..yeah..i'm so proud of you guys..congratz once again..

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