Saturday, March 28, 2009

earth hour!!!...

my house is very dark here..i couldn't see nothing..except my laptop..but i feel a lil bit disappointed because not all people swith off the light..hey come on lah's earth hour ok..who else will support this if not us?? earth hour with whole of you the earth..and it's only one hour..from .8.30-9.30..sayangi lah bumi ini..hehe..i received so many sms today about the earth hour...that sms was really influenced me to support earth hour..because at the first sight,i thought the earth hour is a nonsense thing and i just ignored it..then at the 2nd thought, i just realized that the earth hour is very important...actually i dont know why they called this earth hour and what are the reason they doing this??..are this thing can give us benefit??, what is the consequences if we dont support this thing??..oh man..lack of information here..help2..haha..

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