Sunday, March 15, 2009

tough week

next week is really2 tough week for me..because i have 203 test and assignment must be submit by next week..on Wednesday i think..oh man!..i hate this part..203 subject is really2 hard..i need to memorize all of each components in motherboard and should know how to format PC..i dont analyze it but i will think if i memorizes i will cepat lupak..mati aku! brain is really2 empty right that correct?? motherboard..i only knew certain cooler,south bridge,north bridge,ram,system unit..cpi..arghhh...study2..but i dont have mood to study la..maybe tomorrow i will start study this subject..starting from next week..i want to be so serius in studies..i dont want to play2 anymore..beacuse it's only 4 weeks more to go..then final!!..dahlah dalam class..i dont focus and concentrate..huhu..oh ya..i'm very scared about speaking test..actually,i'm not really good in english..i only got C in my was really bad kan..and thankgod i can continued my studies to university..but with taking course precomm fisrt..then i can proceed to diploma level..its ok for me..and now i'm in diploma level..and i have 3 semester more to go..jauh lagi perjalanan..too many cabaran and dugaan akan saya hadapi,from now on...i want to study very hard..i will do my best..insyaallah..ok that's all..thank you for reading my blog..hehe..

next week i'm not going back home again..
paint day festival..yeah!..
i'm currently listening in the end song by kat deluna...